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I have begun to hang dry our laundry.  There are so many great things about this, other than simply saving electricity from our dryer.    My clothes come inside already folded, and organized for the most part.  I can do 3 or 4 loads of laundry in a matter of hours b/c Im not sitting around waiting for the dryer.  Its great.  I hang them out in the am and by the pm, they are dry.  I am loving how this gets us outside more, the interactions I have w/ my 2 yo handing me clothes pins, and the general great feeling I have about laundry now.

Now there is a great new machine being developed that only uses one cup of water.

Spin dry: The washing machine that needs just one cup of water
By Sean Poulter
Last updated at 9:00 AM on 09th June 2008

A washing machine that uses only a cup of water to carry out a full wash, leaving clothes virtually dry, has been developed by British inventors.
Researchers say the technology, which uses less than 2 per cent of the water and energy of a conventional machine, could save billions of litres of water each year.

The machine, which has been created by academics at Leeds University, works by using thousands of plastic chips  –  each about half a centimetre in size  –  to absorb and remove dirt.

Around 44lb (20kilos) of the chips are added to each load, along with a cup of water and detergent.

During the washing cycle, the water is heated to help dissolve the dirt, which is then absorbed by the plastic chips.

The makers say the chips should be removed at the end of each wash, but can be used up to 100 times  –  the equivalent of six months washing.

The technology, dubbed Xeros, is already being compared to the Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner, which revolutionised the home cleaning industry when it was first released in the mid-1990s.

If adopted by many homes across the UK, the machine could save billions of litres of water each year.

According to Waterwise, a nongovernmental organisation which aims to decrease water consumption in the UK by 2010, washing machine use has risen by 23 per cent in the past 15 years, up from three times a week in 1990 to an average four times now.
The average UK household uses almost 21 litres (37 pints) of water daily on clothes washing, 13 per cent of consumption.

Nationally, this equates to approximately 455million litres (800million pints) of water a day  –  enough to fill 145 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Although the Xeros is currently in the design and testing stage, the inventors say they are in talks with a commercial partner.

The machine could be on the market as early as next year, they added.

Professor Stephen Burkinshaw, the machine’s inventor, said tests have produced ‘quite astonishing’ results.

‘We’ve shown that it can remove all sorts of everyday stains including coffee and lipstick whilst using a tiny fraction of the water used by conventional washing machines,’ he added.

Dr Rob Rule, director of Xeros Ltd, a company created to develop and market the machine, said: ‘This is one of the most surprising and remarkable technologies I’ve encountered in recent years. Xeros has the ability to save billions of litres of water per year and, we believe, the potential to revolutionise the global laundry market.’

He revealed the company has secured an investment of £500,000 from the University’s commercialisation partner, IP Group plc, conditional upon reaching certain milestones.

The team also said the technology could be useful to high street dry cleaning firms as it will get rid of the need to use potentially harmful solvents, some of which have been linked to cancer.

More than two million washing machines are sold in the UK each year, giving the market a value of around £1billion.

Find this story at www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1025043/Spin-dry-The-washing-machine-needs-just-cup-water.html


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Ok, I know that the medical culture in the U.S.A. is horrible for women of all ages.   However, I find the entire “advanced maternal age” (i.e., AMA) thing to be such a joke.   Women are not dead at 40.  There are very few studies in women over 40 in the last 50 years that have accessed any “risks” with pregnancies, including genetic defects.   The ONE study that has been quoted over and over and over about Downs Syndrome being so much greater in women over 40 is 50 years old…almost as ancient as the 40 year old pregnant women right now.   Women who give birth in their late 30’s and 40’s are not at an increased risk of anything based solely on AMA.   Take care of yourself, eat well, be in tune with your body and your pregnancy, and you will be fine…even fine enough to tell sOB’s to take a hike and hire a midwife and birth at home…which is safest for women of all ages.

I am sooo tired of hearing of all the tests they run on women over 40…and how many of those tests are false positives…and lead to stress in the mother, which we KNOW for a fact has an adverse effect on babies.

Medical interventions are great if you have a pregnancy that is truly in need of intervention…however, regardless of age, few women fit that category.   The more interventions women allow themselves to be subjected to, the more interventions will occur, w/ little or not benefit, and in many cases, detriment to mom and/or baby.

All I can tell any woman is to research birth.  And please, not by reading What To Expect When You are Expecting..thats about he worse book on pregnancy ever written.

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I’m in the process of reading this book right now and can I just say its GREAT!

check out the reviews on amazon.com:   http://www.amazon.com/Pushed-Painful-Childbirth-Modern-Maternity/dp/0738210730/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1213145937&sr=8-1

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I have been seeing a chiropractor during this pregnancy.  I can’t say enough great things about her; however, I should post about that separately.  What I am absolutely in love with is how she has helped my 2 year old son, Ethan.   He went with me to the appointments, of course.  I found this particular chiropractor because I was looking for someone well versed in the Webster Technique and someone who also dealt with children.  There is a great website, http://www.icpa4kids.com/, that is a great resource for finding chiropractors for children.

Ethan has been adjusted by “Dr. Deb” four times thus far.  A few nights ago when he was apparently tired, but no where near acknowledging such fact, I gave him a cranial massage, which is what Dr. Deb did during his appointment.  He went to sleep immediately.  It was incredible.  I attempted it again the next night but he wasn’t into it.   Well, he has had no nap today and has been swimming in the pool all day long.  He was overly tired.   After bath, we were laying down on the bed and I asked him if he wanted me to do to him what Dr. Deb does.  He got the cutest smile on his face and layed down for me to massage his head.  I am just amazed…he was asleep within 5 minutes.

I am so impressed with this chiropactor.   I should have started doing this when he was born.

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