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As part of my plan to be as healthy as I can be during this pregnancy and birth, I have decided to commit to the Dr. Brewer’s Diet.  You can learn more here: http://www.blueribbonbaby.org/

Basically, this Dr. is convinced that diet has more to do with maternal and infant health than we are being led to believe.

here is an exerpt:

Toxemia. Pre-Eclampsia. HELLP Syndrome. Premature birth.
Low birth weight. Intrauterine growth retardation.

It’s not genetics. It’s not random. The cause is NOT unknown. Toxemia CAN be stopped. PreeclampsiaA-toxic-condition-developing-in-late-pre... CAN be stopped. Best of all, YOU can stop it!

HOW? All the scientific research being done on toxemia and preeclampsia these days is focusing on treatment, and none of it is promising. But the research has already been done, many times and many ways in the past 50+ years, and we know that you can PREVENT this from happening to you in the first place, no matter what your personal history may be. The simple answer? GOOD NUTRITION.

Common sense tells you to eat right when you’re pregnant, and traditional wisdom says you’re “eating for two“. So why are doctors telling you to cut out salt, avoid gaining too much weight, and giving you little or no information about what IS a good diet for pregnancy? Why is the medical community so disinterested in this information? As one doctor put it, “No one is going to make any money off good nutrition.”


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Daily Food Log

Feb. 8

2 cups coffee

2 pkgs. oatmeal

raw milk (thats all i drink)

2 chix tortillas w/ black beans

raw milk

large orange

2 handfulls of peanuts

diet soda (bad!)

Chix Quesidillas from Friendlys

Strawberry Fribble from Friendlys

Feb. 7

2 pgs. oatmeal


pasta and veggie soup


2 eggs

1 cheese stick

diet soda

chicken rice dinner

squash and zucchinni


3 oranges

and im still hungry!

Feb. 6

ok, i need to do better at keeping track.

cup of coffee

oatmeal (2 pkgs)


creamcheese sandwich w/ tomatoes, cucumbers, guacomole

2 boiled eggs

2 artichoke hearts


large salad w/ bunches of greens and veggies (cucumbers, tomatoes wasabi pes) and pieces of chicken


diet soda (bad)

organic popcorn

pregnancy tea

Jan. 30, 2008

2 cups of coffee

2 packets oatmeal

Jan. 29, 2008

2 cups of coffee

3 packets oatmeal (shared with Ethan)

2 roast beef sanwiches

1 diet soda (bad!)

2 hotdogs with baked beans

1 diet soda

I have drank all my milk! i called my milk man and told him i needed to increase my supply of raw milk!!!

Jan. 28, 2008



roast beef sandwich


2 pieces of chicken

whole wheat rice

brussel sprouts

Jan. 27, 2008

I will keep this up!

2 cups of coffee

2 packets of oatmeal

3 pieces of bacon

few pieces of eggs I cooked for everyone else

roast beef sandwich

diet soda. bad mommy!

bowl of spaggetti and a piece of sausage

large glass of milk

cup of Pregnancy Tea

Jan. 26, 2008

2 cups of coffee (bad!!)

2 packets of apple and cinnamon oatmeal

large glass of raw milk

big bowl of zucchinni, squash and potatos

large glass of raw milk

salad with lots of greens, tomatoes and cheese.

large glass of raw milk

cup of raspberry red leaf tea

too much samoa GS cookie ice cream

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