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Since we just bought an SUV, car seat safety is a big issue for me. We have never had an SUV before and apparently the 3d row in an SUV is the least safest area. So, I want to make sure we have the safety car seats that money can buy.

For my 10 year old, we are getting a Britax Monarch, which is here: http://www.britaxusa.com/products/product_detail.aspx?ID=6.

Britax is also coming out with the coolest new car seat ever. It is only forward facing, so will only used after Ethan is 35 pounds. However, the seat is rated as a forward facing seat from 25 until 80 lbs. After that, it converts to a booster from 80 until 100 pds.

Right now Ethan is in a Britax Blvd. which rear faces until 35 lbs. (this is a new feature of teh Blvd., just released in Feb. 2008). You can see that seat here: http://www.britaxusa.com/products/product_detail.aspx?ID=1. Of course, he doesn’t have the flowers.

I had intended on getting a Blvd. for the new baby b/c my babies are big, but I think instead I am purchasing the Frontier when it comes out (release date is May 2008) and switching Ethan to the Frontier when he hits 35 lbs. in the Blvd. At that point, I will put the baby into the Blvd. rear facing until 35 lbs. and forward facing until 65 lbs. Mikey will be in the Monarch until he outgrows all seats and then Ethan will transfer to the Monarch and baby will transfer to the Frontier when both are ready weight wise (more than likely, when baby outgrows the Blvd.).

With the purchase of these 2 seats, I will never have to purchase another car seat for my kids. All for only apprximately $400. And I can be assured that they are in the safest seats made. Britax is a great company with True Side Impact Protection and I do feel confident that this provides more protection than those seats that don’t have this feature.

In case you are wondering why I have my children rear facing until 35 lbs. in the Blvds, here is a youtube video to show you why children should NOT be forward facing.

For some reason, people love to put their children forward facing. It is very very dangerous! Please watch this video and visit carseatsafety.org before you do that!


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